Hosted Communications Solutions

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Nebula Network
  • Hot Standby Infrastructure
  • Redundant Fibre Ring
  • Triple Datacentre Failover
  • Multi Carrier Connection
  • Direct Peering
  • Own Ofcom numbers


Nebula IP core voice application is spread between 3 data centres in and around London, facilitating no single point of failure within the network. Data centre and connections do have problems from time to time but Nebula has a backup and a backup to the backup.

Core Connectivity:

Nebula IP’s core is not only backed up over 3 data centres Voiceflex run redundant circuits between sites. In addition, we have dual connectivity from our inbound carriers and dual connectivity with our primary down line carriers – you can’t have enough connectivity.


Nebula IP has been developed with flexibility as a core component.  There are no constraints on which data connectivity method you use and there are no constraints on the type of SIP clients you can bring. You can grow your phone system with your business without hefty initial investments.


Voiceflex is an award winning provider of SIP trunks (an alternative to ISDN/PSTN) and associated services. Its first commercial SIP trunk was installed in 2005, and has since grown organically providing thousands of SIP Trunks to hundreds of companies worldwide. As you can imagine we have a wealth of experience in providing and supporting VoIP applications. Over the past 9 years we have learnt from our success, but we have learnt far more form our mistakes.
Our core platform as evolved extensively over the years from a single application with limited connectivity, to a multi sited platform with multi carrier interconnects and multiple ISP interconnects. [More on Voiceflex]