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ABD Travel

ABD Travel is a travel agent whose primary season is during the months of December to April when they provide Skiing holidays to some of the top resorts in Europe. During the winter ABD Travel take on a number of resort staff to cater for the needs of customers in resort. Traditionally all resort staff have been provided with local mobiles which are used for both office calls and to call local suppliers.

Min employees: 10
Max employees: 50
No of sites: 1-8
Geographic location: Europe wide
International Call Charges: £800per/month
Saving: £600 per/month

A Nebula IP PBX has enabled ABD Travel to drastically reduce international roaming charges and increase the productivity of staff. With the use of Wi-Fi enabled handsets resort staff can log in to wireless networks and make calls as if they are in the UK office cutting out most long distance call charges. Head office calling the resort staff also saved as it was still just an internal call. This represented a saving of over £600 per month or £3,000 per year. Additional users for resort staff are only subscribed to the system for 5 months and then the subscriptions put on hold until they are needed the next year.

This solution was implemented without the need for expensive VPNs and using soft clients on existing supported handsets.


PrintFaster is a small chain of retail based printing shops operating across Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. PrintFaster have been expanding quickly and are looking to open another 3 shops in the near future. The current telephone system consists of analogue line in to each of the sites with a frontend IVR system on a 0800 number. Calls in to the Printfaster arrive at the 0800 number and are forwarded on to the relevant analogue line, this means Printfaster are paying for the inbound and outbound leg of the call.

Min employees: 6
Max employees: 15
No of sites: 3-6
Geographic location: UK wide
Internal Call Charges: £200per/month
Forwarding charges: £100per/month
Saving: £300 per/month

Nebula IP allowed PrintFaster to dramatically change communication across the business. By opting for a hosted PBX all of the sites became part of the same virtual office and where able to call each other internally. Rather than just one line per site new IP handsets meant that larger offices could have more lines to cope with customer demand. Nebula’s built in IVR cut out any forwarding costs and allowed customers calls to always be answered.